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St. Mary  Catholic Church
Brenham, TX

This historic Texas church contacted Murals by Jericho to renovate the sanctuary.


• Fine Art Painting - design and paint arch mural.

• Decorative Painting- design, gold leaf gilding, and paint  sanctuary dome.

Sacred Heart Catholic Church
Peoria, IL 

In 2005, Fr. Larry Zurek began planning a  reno- vation to mark the church's 100 year anniversary. His goal was to enhance the interior with a unified, traditional, Romanesque style. His vision and guidance was essential. Our goal was to make it more beautiful than ever. Our work included:

• Thirty-Six Fine Art Paintings- Seven paintings in the sanctuary depicting The Life of Christ. Twenty paintings on the nave walls of Saints and Blesseds of the Americas. Nine paintings on The Life of St. Francis.

• Decorative Painting-  ceiling, nave, faux painting and gold leaf gilding of the sanctuary dome. 

• Restored and painted Stations of the Cross.

• Design- Stained Glass Windows- Five inlaid marble

images symbolizing The Five Wounds of Jesus Christ. 


Pax Christi Catholic Church
Corpus Christi, TX

Newly constructed in 2014, The Sisters at Pax Christi contacted us to provide the artwork for the church. We designed and produced eight paintings for the sanctuary. Thank you so much for this opportunity.


• Two Lower Sanctuary Paintings. "The Sacrifice of Melchezidek" and "The Sacrifice of Abraham."

• One Central Painting." Our Lord."

• Four Ceiling Paintings of The Gospels. Matthew. Mark. Luke. John.

• One Dome Painting. "The Miracle of the Loaves and Fishes."

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