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St. Mark Roman Catholic Church
Peoria, IL

The renovation at St. Mark was inspired by the masterpieces of artist Blessed Fra Angelico. We worked closely with Fr. Benjamin Reese to help acheive his goal and vision for the church. Soon

after completion, Bishop Daniel Jenky declared

St. Mark a Diocesan Shrine of Blessed Fra Angelico.

Our work includes:

• Fine Art Painting-  Twenty-eight paintings through-

out the church.

• Decorative Painting- The sanctuary and nave ceiling is a two color blue glaze and is adorned with over 4500 gold leaf stars. The lower sanctuary wall is

a painted faux marble  with  trompe l'oeil columns

and frame. We also restored and painted The Baptismal Font and Crucifix.

St. Louis King of France
Catholic Church
Austin, TX

St. Louis King of France Catholic Church is a vibrant Parish devoted to sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Fr. Larry Covington contacted us to paint the Icon of Christ for the Adoration Chapel. Our work included:


• Fine Art Painting- We designed, painted and gold leafed the apse mural.


St. Mary Catholic Church
Durand, IL

An attempt to modernize the interior at St. Mary's

rendered this beautiful church, stark and uninspiring. Murals by Jericho proposed an entire redesign of the sanctuary and redecoration of the nave that restores the original liturgical and architectural intentions.

Msgr. Eric Barr led the way for this project. Our work


• Fine Art Painting- Three paintings inspired by the masterpieces of W.A. Bouguereau.

• Decorative Painting- The sanctuary walls were

painted in a faux finish stone effect with added trompe l'oeil elements.

• Liturgical Furnishings- We provided design for the

Altar of Sacrifice, Reredos, Ambo, Baptismal Font, Holy Water Fonts, and pedestals for the statuary. The

furnishings were fabricated of Calcutta Gold Marble.

• Restoration- Stations of the Cross.

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