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The Chapel of the Divine Mercy
Auburn, KY

New Construction in 2009, Fr. William Casey contacted us to help design and produce the interior of the church. We had the privilege of staying at the Monastery while we did the work. Thanks to all The Brothers. Awesome experience! Our work included:


• Fine Art Paintings- The Ten Commandments-   Six sanctuary paintings- One dome mural of "The Divine Mercy."

• Decorative Painting and Gilding- ceiling, nave,

and sanctuary.     

St. William Catholic Church
Roundrock, TX

New Construction in 2007, St. William's is a vibrant Parish in the Austin Diocese.  Special thanks to Dutch Kellerman. Our involvement in this project includes: 


• Fine Art Paintings- Rendition of Raphael's " The

Miracle of the Eucharist." (24'x36") The Archangels Raphael and Gabriel. " Saint Peter Receiving the Keys to the Kingdom."

• Design of Sanctuary Furnishings- Wooden Reredos,

Altar of Sacrifice and Ambo.

• Decorative Painting and Gilding- ceiling with glaze effect and gold stars, nave columns painted as faux


• Interior Decorating Consultants.

• Restoration and painting of antique Stations of the Cross.

Mary Queen Catholic Church
Friendswood, TX

New Construction in 2012, Murals by Jericho was selected to provide artwork and design. Over the top hospitality provided by the Parish! Thank You.


• Fine Art Painting- design and produce "The Miracle of the Loaves and Fishes." Many members of the parish posed and were included in the painting.

• Design- We provided design for the sanctuary furnishings, the frame for the painting, and all marble flooring inlaid design. 



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